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My biography


Béjar (Salamanca.) 9/10/1977 

From a family of restaurateurs, my life is being linked to the restoration by devotion, dedication,

and way of life. I have always been a restless person, and therefore I have never lost the

interest in learning new techniques and advances in order to be at the forefront in this extensive

and spectacular field.  

This is my resume:

2002: My beginning point in the cocktail experience. Inspired by the Carabias family (Café

Corrillo in Salamanca, Spain) I began to discover my real passion: the cocktail! It is when I

started "playing" with mixes and classic cocktail recipes.

  2005: I left Salamanca to get involved in a new project in Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain): the

inauguration of the Grand Casino in Aranjuez, where I started preparing the cocktail menu and

worked as cocktail chef.  

2007: During my experience in Aranjuez I meet Rodrigo de la Calle and Santiago Orts

(Gastronomy National Award Recipients), and a "great revolution" begins in my head. I

discovered forgotten fruits (or in danger of extinction) and that increased my desires of working

with exclusive and not well known products (hand of Buddha, cider, citrus caviar, yuzzu,

bergamot, among others).

  2009: I started working with Rodrigo de la Calle in his restaurant in Aranjuez. Is there where I

start to investigate with vegetables, fruits and other green products. All the tasting menus of the

restaurant began with a cocktail of seasonal vegetables carefully designed to open the clients’

appetite. Everything starts working and customers become the ones who are in charge of

requesting more blends and green combinations, both as an aperitif and as a healthy, tasteful,

and different dessert.  

2011: A major challenge begins. The Michelin star is awarded to the restaurant and customers

no longer just talk about the menu. Cocktails and combinations became much more popular.  

2012: I start leading workshops with Master classes on vegetable cocktails at the International

Gastronomic Event Madrid Fusión and that experience takes me to participate in TV shows,

such as the program "Now Marta" in Tele Madrid Channel.

  2013: I start my position as Bartender Instructor for practitioners coming mainly from Latin

American countries (Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Jamaica, Cuba, etc.) Also in 2013 I participated in

the inauguration of the Gran Vía Casino in Madrid, as second maître and chef and creator of the

cocktail menu while I continued with my workshops and bartender training.  

Currently I am continuing my self-taught investigations and research and my passion for the

cocktail world keeps growing.

Check out the video below if you want to see me preparing great cocktails!


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